About Us


In the Aymara Language of the Bolivian Indians, INTI means Sun and WARA the Moon. This is how the Sun and the Moon integrate and complement life in our world and also how, more then 25 years ago, these two individuals, Elena Cirbian Bolivian and Nino Molinari Italian, started their passion for alpaca wool, combining the different experiences of two very distant worlds.

A work of many years and much patience enabled us to bring you this selection of our creations. We hope to give you not only one of the most prestigious existing natural fibers, but a product of high quality with the limited production only the hands of our craftsmen can offer.

Each of our sweaters is made, piece by piece, into a combination of design and colors that blend together with the intent to raise a new sensation in this world, which so often drives us toward uniformity. The Inti Wara sweater is made and meant for all the people who, like us, are still capable of letting ourselves be surprised.